Join us this year on this one of a kind train ride and be a part of the amazing experience.


The Bradby Shield Encounter marks a historic clash between two prestigious institutes – Royal College, from the heart of Colombo and Trinity College, away in the hills of Kandy. In 2014, the encounter marks its 70th year, an anticipated and enthralling season of a celebrated sport among many schools in Sri Lanka.

Join us in this exclusive Royal experience as we travel through the country side to the hill capital of Kandy to watch them battle it out for The Bradby Shield!


Our proud sponsors for the this years' express

Travel Plan

We are always concerned about the safety of our fellow royalists and we do our best to make the train ride as safe and convenient as it can be.

To ensure maximum safety and convenience for you, please read the following guidelines carefully.

Exclusively for Old Boys Groups of Royal College

Get your batch together, for this limited offer! Bulk reservations will be made on priority basis for groups of Old Boys of Royal College. Bookings can be made for

- Full Compartment (comprises of 80 seats)

- Half Compartment (comprises of 40 seats)

Other perks:

- You can have any number of passengers standing, in their compartment

- You can have your own "Papare Band" exclusively for your compartment

- At the event of change of venue (from Bogambara Stadium to Pallekele) transport will be arranged by the Bradby Express Committee from the Kandy Railway Station to the site


We want to make your experience on the Bradby Express better each year, to continue enlivening the tradition! Your contribution, support or endorsement is sincerely appreciated by the members of the committee.

This task is solitarily handled by the Bradby Express Committee. Kindly contact any of the following members, should you wish to be a part of this thrilling success.


Feel free to talk to us and provide us with your feedback on the experience. Please contact us via our social media streams.